Chief & Council

Elected Chief and Council April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2019

From Left to Right – William Swanson (Bill), JP Chalykoff, Janet Demary (nee Tremblay), Evelyn Stone, Gimma Kwe Patricia Tangie, Don Humphries

From Left to Right – William Swanson (Bill), JP Chalykoff, Janet Demary (nee Tremblay), Evelyn Stone, Gimma Kwe Patricia Tangie, Don Humphries

  • Gimma Kwe Patricia Tangie
  • Councillor Evelyn Stone
  • Councillor Don Humphries
  • Councillor John-Paul Chalykoff
  • Councillor William (Bill) Swanson
  • Councillor Janet Demary (nee Tremblay)


Gimma Kwe Patricia Tangie

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Councillor Evelyn Stone has been a lifelong resident of the community and served as Chief in the early nineties as well as sitting on Council for several terms since. Evelyn has dedicated some 35 years, plus to her homeland. She is a Traditional Elder who shares her knowledge and wisdom; she has strong values and beliefs in living in balance with Mother Earth. She has three children, Greg, Tasha (Pat) babies Dante and Bianca, Krista (Warren) baby Yuna, who are her pride and joy. Evelyn also has a special friend, yes her Mother Agnes who shares in the wonderful journey of Great Grandma.

In spending time with grandchildren, Evelyn finds time to volunteer in various committees and organizations. Special events for the Municipality of Wawa, Wawa Legion Ladies Auxiliary as 2nd Vice President; and is called upon by various organizations such as the Wawa Rotary Exchange, the Schools, and Churches.

She is a former Health Promotion worker for Michipicoten First Nation and initiated the Annual Youth & Elders Gathering back in 1998.

Healing was an important part of the journey for the members and still continues today. Evelyn looks forward to the brighter future of Michipicoten First Nation on strengths and acknowledging the Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Seven Grandfathers, and Clan System. Seeing with open eyes, the future of our First Nation and our Future Leaders. There are endless opportunities on the horizon, and we will meet expectations of Michipicoten First Nations growth in the days to come. This will happen with all of our members walking hand in hand and most importantly, sharing.

Miigwetch for your faith as we take this journey into 2017-2019.

Miigwetch, Miigwetch, Miigwetchs

Councillor Donald (Donnie) Humphries was born and raised in Hawk Junction and is the grandson of Kate Souliere. He is extremely proud of his native heritage, Souliere blood, and status as a Michipicoten First Nation member. Don recently retired and lives in Wawa with his wife, Barb.

Don is an experienced Councilor of four years, well versed in governance and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work.

For 30 plus years Don worked for a child welfare agency helping at-risk children. During his professional career, he managed a rural social service office that entailed management and operating an annual budget of two million dollars.

He values commitment, passion, and vision and believes in teamwork, hard work, and excellence. He says, “It is only by all of us working together that we will bring about positive change for the betterment of all our members and future generations.”

Finally, as Councilor, Don believes his primary Duty is to represent and service you, the member, first and foremost. The wishes of the Band as an organization and all those who work within the Band should never supersede the needs and aspirations of its members.


If you have any questions, you can contact Donnie by phone 705-852-2255 or email

Councillor William Swanson Sr. is a respected Elder in the Community and has served a total of nine consecutive terms on Council. Councillor Swanson worked for many years in the mining industry, has a keen and active interest in mining and forestry and is the appointed representative on forest management planning and resource issues attending meetings with the Ministry of Natural Resources and on various planning committees; he Chairs the Economic Development Committee of MFN and was a member of the negotiation team on both the Algoma Surrenders and Boundary Claims. Councillor Swanson brings a strong presence to Council and is dedicated, knowledgeable, providing a historical perspective on all issues concerning the Community and Members.


I’m Councillor Janet Demary (nee Tremblay) from Hawk Junction where I have lived all my life. I have been married to my husband Del for 37 years. We have two children together, my daughter, Shona who is 39 and is a police officer with the OPP, She has been on the force for 16 years and is a graduate from MacMaster University. My son Daniel is 36 and works for Imperial Oil up in Curel Lake.

He just bought his new home in Midland On where he has lived for 16 years.

My husband Del just retired from the Military where he put in 20 years of service doing what he loved doing. He now works in Wawa at the Chrysler dealership. I also have two wonderful grandchildren Charlotte and Mathieu they live in North Bay where I try to spend a lot of time. We now have a black female lab we both love. She keeps the house busy now that the house is empty and we are alone. Me, well I want to thank everyone who voted for me at election time. I sure am learning a lot and I love it. We are very pleased to come down here and meet with a lot of our members and a big thank you to Lynn for the new Facebook page. I hope you all enjoy it because we will be able to share information with everyone. So one more time thank you, everyone, for giving me a chance to work for you all.

JP Chalykoff

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