Michipicoten First Nation Waste Management System Review & Upgrades


What is Happening?

  • Chief and Council are working on developing a more environmentally sustainable and responsible way of managing the community generated waste,
  • Together with the funding agency (Indigenous Services Canada), we have started upgrading our landfill facility by:
    • enclosing the landfill site with a chain link fence and gates,
    • adding a surveillance system to reduce unauthorized dumping of waste in our landfill, and
    • installing a shelter to temporarily store Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) until they can be shipped out of the community for safe processing and disposal.
  • More upgrades to the landfill site to improve waste diversion are planned over the next couple of years.
  • We hired an environmental consultant to:
    • Research waste diversion programs in the region to determine whether it is viable and sustainable for MFN to partner with other communities (or set up our own programs) to divert bulky and household recyclables, special wastes and our household garbage to off-reserve materials recovery facilities or licensed landfill sites.
    • Identify the waste disposal and diversion options to the community along with estimated costs to implement these options so that we can decide on the best waste management system to implement in our community.
    • Complete environmental investigations at our present landfill site to assess whether the landfill is contaminating the lands beyond the landfill property and if so, what can be done to reduce the spread of contamination.


When is this working going to start?

  • We secured funding to complete the fencing and related work at the landfill in 2017 and that work is now essentially completed.
  • We hired the consultant in the winter of 2018 and they will be completing the environmental investigations at our landfill the week of July 9, 2018. A topographic survey of the landfill site and surrounding area will happen over the summer and groundwater and surface water sampling for laboratory analysis will occur in July and October.


How can we participate in this process?

  • We plan to have a community meeting in September 2018 (dates to be confirmed) to:
    • Present the findings of our landfill environmental investigations, and
    • Discuss waste diversion and disposal options available to the community along with the associated costs.
  • We will seek your input and feedback on waste management issues that are important to you so we can incorporate these ideas and direction into the community Waste Management Plan.
  • After the consultant has received your input and completed further analysis and life cycle cost analysis, they will present the waste management plan to the community after submitting the draft report.


What are the next steps?

  • After the Waste Management Plan has been approved and accepted by Chief and Council and ISC, we will apply to ISC for both Capital funding to implement further upgrades to our landfill and annual Operations and Maintenance funding to assist with the costs of the waste disposal and diversion options recommended in the plan.


If you have any further questions or would like more information and/or provide your opinions and ideas in this process, you can contact:

Chris Buckell email:

Rod Peters (WSP Consultant), 226-279-0330 email: