Michipicoten First Nation Annual Membership Meeting

Michipicoten First Nation Annual Membership Meeting

The  annual membership meeting held in Sault Ste Marie on September 21, 2012 was well attended by approximately 70  members and their families.  There were six  agenda items with presentations introduced by Chief Joe Buckell and questions from the floor were addressed on an individual basis.  It was a congenial meeting and  members appreciated the updates and information as provided. Healthy refreshments were served.

 Annual Audited Financial Statements George Trevisan, BDO Canada presented the approved Annual Audited Financial Statements for the year ended
March 31, 2012, and congratulated MFN on its sound financial management for the past decade or more.  Additional copies of the Financial Statements are available by calling the Band Office.

 Corporate Trust/Investment Policy TD Waterhouse Private Trust, Heather Richardson and Investment Group Council, Mike McAuley gave presentations on the responsibilities of the Corporate Trustee and the development of the Investment Policy Document by Chief and Council.  <see more> <see more 2>

 MFN Community Trust Legal Counsel Mike Allemano  updated membership on the “passing of accounts” requested by Chief and Council  which was a court order issued last year for the Community Trust to present its accounts in court format for review by Chief and Council, after two requested extensions, Chief and Council reluctantly agreed to a final extension of September 30, 2012 and members will be further advised after that date.  The Chief mentioned that the Community Trust trustees had been invited to attend this year’s meeting but declined.

 East/West Tie Transmission Line An update on the process of designation and report was provided by Great Lakes Power (Brookfield) Andy McPhee in association with Bamkushwada Limited Partnership represented by Pierre Pelletier, between six First Nations, Ontario Hydro and Brookfield.

 Reserve #48 Land counsel Kim Fullerton provided an account of the original Reserve #48 and the history leading to the five forced relocations of Michipicoten First Nation and advised that Chief and Council have requested that a Statement of Claim be brought towards Ontario, Canada has no further responsibility in this matter and Ontario may or may not accept the claim.   <see more>

 Northeast  Superior Regional Chiefs Forum Member Pat Tangie gave an informative outline of the work the Chiefs  have been doing with Protocol and Accommodation in  advancing the concerns of the member First Nations in the Chapleau Game Preserve, Forestry and Mining sectors as well. She talked about the Elder’s Council and the importance of their presence.