February 21st Terrace Bay Presentation: Lake Superior Caribou

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources photo

Michipicoten Island Caribou have made headlines recently on Minnesota Public Radio, Sault online, CBC’s “As it Happens” and the New York Times, among others. Predation by wolves, who were able to reach the island due to ice cover on Lake Superior in 2014, resulted in relocation of the Michipicoten Island Caribou to the Slate Islands.

The complexity of the issues facing the woodland Caribou around Lake Superior will be covered in a presentation beginning at 7 p.m. on February 21st at the Terrace Bay Recreation Centre. Presentation slides and audio will be livestreamed over the internet for those unable to attend in person. Tune in on the evening of February 21st using your computer, phone or tablet here:

The Terrace Bay presentation provided by Leo Lepiano, Lands and Resources Consultation Coordinator with Michipicoten First Nation, will cover information about:

  • historical caribou populations around Lake Superior in both Canada and USA
  • the Canadian North Shore caribou population
  • the Michipicoten Island caribou population
  • the Slate Islands caribou population
  • the situation respecting wolves and caribou arising from near total Lake Superior ice cover in 2014
  • intervention carried out in January, 2018 when several caribou were moved from Michipicoten Island to the Slate Islands.

Plenty of time will be available for discussion and questions from both in-person and online participants. The objective of the evening is to increase understanding of the Lake Superior caribou population and bio-diversity within the Lake Superior watershed.

An overview of the Lake Superior Action and Management Plan, along with information about funding sources for environmental restoration and protection, will also be provided at the meeting.

This event is presented by Infosuperior to increase interest, knowledge and respect for the Lake Superior ecosystem, building broader public support for Great Lakes restoration and protection.