MFN Annual Membership Meeting October 2, 2014

Chief Joe Buckell and Councillors Pat Tangie, Myrtle Swanson, Bill Swanson,

Irene Armstrong, Don Humphries and Linda Peterson hosted the Annual

Membership Meeting in Sault Ste Marie at the Delta Waterfront Inn. The

meeting opened with a prayer offering by Councillor Pat Tangie. The Chief’s

opening remarks included a report on population numbers which are at 1077,

interests in the mining and forestry industries along with a brief report on

other areas of interest for the First Nation and a reminder that there was

an upcoming election in March 2015.


Although Membership turnout was lower than in previous years, those who

attended were provided with a presentation of the Audited Financial

Statements for the year ended March 31, 2014 by George Trevisan of BDO who

went over the Financial Statements in detail indicating that MFN once again

received an unqualified opinion which meant that there was strong financial

management along with a commendation from Aboriginal Affairs.


TD Waterhouse Corporate Trustee and Investment Counsellors, Domenic Natale,

Heather Richardson and Mike McCauley went over the earnings reports for 2013

for  the Boundary Claim Settlement Trust of $30,000,000 plus and because of

the strong earnings year in unrealized capital gains, MFN is able to pay off

the funds borrowed from  Capital of $2,000,000 which was used for the Better

Living Policy top up for the past five years, which was exciting and

positive news for the membership.


After a short break, Prodigy Gold’s CEO Curtis Turner and Michelle Tanguay

gave a presentation and update on the Magino Mine Gold Mining project and

their obligation to consult with Aboriginal communities affected, and their

relationship with MFN and its interests in the project.


At the end of the meeting door prizes were drawn.  MFN has posted another

year ending in strong financial management and interests in projects in the

mining and forestry industries. The Chief closed the meeting with a prayer

as all in attendance held hands in circle.