ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS AND NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT CANADA PROVIDES A GENERAL ASSESSMENT ON MFN FOR 2014-2015…The General Assessment (GA) is a tool that is currently used to provide a recipient-focused, risk based approach to transfer payment management and provides a standardized process for assessing capacity to deliver programs and services.  MFN has once again received a “low […]

Every four years the BC Settlement Trust Fund through the Corporate Trustee must pass their accounts through the courts.  MFN is pleased to announce that the Court Passing of Accounts was successful through Court Order.   Court Order PDF

Chief Joe Buckell and Councillors Pat Tangie, Myrtle Swanson, Bill Swanson, Irene Armstrong, Don Humphries and Linda Peterson hosted the Annual Membership Meeting in Sault Ste Marie at the Delta Waterfront Inn. The meeting opened with a prayer offering by Councillor Pat Tangie. The Chief’s opening remarks included a report on population numbers which are […]