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About Us – Who We Are

FIRST (ORIGINAL) PEOPLES The Ojibway Creation story tells how the Ojibwe or Ojibway (pronounced Oh-Jib-Way) are related to Original Man or Anishinaabe (An-ish-in-awb). The Ojibway are said to be the Faith Keepers; Keepers of the Sacred Scrolls and the Water Drum of the Midewinwin (Midi-win-win shamanic society forhealers). The fundamental essence of Anishinaabe life is …

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Ojibwe History – Rich in Culture

The Ojibwe typically lived in lodges and wigwams made of birch bark and traversed the waterways in birch bark canoes. Meetings of Council or circles were held in a common dwelling which was the council lodge. Both men and women participated in ceremony and families worked together for the benefit of the community.